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We thrive on challenges and we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to partnering and building businesses. We bring a unique pedigree and extensive experience to smaller- and mid-cap investing.

Experienced team that combines decades of PE and operating expertise

  • Our Leadership Team has overseen over $8 billion of private equity transactions and have operated small and large businesses
  • Ranging from billion-dollar transactions to small-tuck-in acquisitions
  • Across Canada, the US, and Europe
  • Combination of PE and real-world management experience
  • Experience working with family-owned businesses
  • Supported by a deep bench of current and former CEOs and business leaders

Deep industry, management and operating experience

  • Our Senior Advisors each have decades of experience and are industry leaders in their respective industries with broad networks
  • Four current / former CEOs with experience across multiple industries and geographies with deep sector expertise
  • Talent & transformation consulting experience
  • Available to mentor and coach management teams

Specific skills to solve problems that vex almost all small and medium-sized companies

  • Specialist Advisors with world-class expertise
  • Drive growth through digital marketing and social media expertise
  • Secure your business against network and cyber-security threats
  • Identify profit opportunities using data analytics

Focused on specific sectors with flexible mandate; exits not driven by artificial fund structure

  • We know where we have an edge and where we are just one of many players
  • Industry-specific knowledge and networks enables Kent Road Capital to ask the right questions and make quick decisions